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Beat the Heat with Cascade Ice!

by Cascade Ice on July 13, 2017

As the temperature outside increases, so should the amount of water you drink per day! It’s crucial to your health to drink plenty of water, especially when spending time in the hot sun. This summer, stay hydrated without sacrificing flavor. Cool down with these refreshing drink ideas using Organic Cascade Ice!

Citrus Blog Image

Citrus Chill

Drink up some Vitamin C while soaking in some Vitamin D! First, muddle a slice of peeled orange and 3 mint leaves in the bottom of a glass to release their natural flavors. Next, add ice and pour in Cascade Ice Organic Citrus Twist over. Garnish with mint and you’re ready for a day in the sun!

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Grapefruit Ice Cubes

First, cut a grapefruit into slices small enough to fit in the cubes of your ice tray. Next, place one or two slices (depending on the depth of your tray) in the bottom of each cube, and pour Cascade Ice Organic Grapefruit over. Place the tray in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the size of your cubes. Remember, the bigger the cube, the longer it will take to properly freeze. Once frozen, drop a few cubes in a glass of water and enjoy the refreshing grapefruit flavor!

Fourth of July Party Prep

by Cascade Ice on June 29, 2017

Fourth of July is approaching and we know you’re going to be throwing the best parties. Check out these fun, festive drink recipes that you can enjoy with your friends and family!

Wild Berry Cool-Down

Wild Berry Cool-Down

Have some fun in the sun with this refreshment! First, muddle one cup of raspberries, one cup of blackberries, and ½ a cup of blueberries in the bottom of a pitcher. Next, pour in Cascade Ice Zero Calorie Wild Berry to enhance the berry flavor and a splash of club soda for some extra bubbles. Pour into a mason jar and enjoy with friends!

Strawberry Lemonade Sangria

Strawberry Lemonade Sangria

First, pour Moscato wine, club soda, Cascade Ice Strawberry Lemonade and vodka to taste into a punch bowl or beverage dispenser. Next, thinly slice 1 cup of strawberries and half of a lemon and add into the mixture. Lightly squeeze in lemon juice with the remaining half of the lemon and then sit back to watch some fireworks!

Father’s Day BBQ

by Cascade Ice on June 15, 2017

No backyard BBQ is complete without fun, food, and flavorful drinks. Check out these simple, delicious drink recipes to add a refreshing twist to your Father’s Day BBQ!

Strawberry Lemonade Thirst-Quencher

Strawberry Lemonade Thirst-Quencher

Nothing goes better with BBQ than a simple glass of lemonade. Mix things up by adding a light strawberry twist! First, thinly slice one cup of strawberries and put into a glass with ice. Next, pour in some Cascade Ice Lemonade, allowing the strawberry and lemon flavors to blend together. Garnish with mint if desired, and enjoy!


Dude-Approved Cherry Limeade

A manly twist on a BBQ favorite! Pour Cascade Ice Cherry Limeade into a glass and add vodka to taste. Next, take a slice of lime and squeeze the juice into the glass. Finally, add in maraschino cherries as desired and garnish with a lime wedge on the rim.


Perfect Punch for the Poolside

by Cascade Ice on June 1, 2017

Summer is here, and nothing beats sitting poolside with your favorite cold, refreshing drink in hand! Check out these quick and easy-to-make poolside drinks using Cascade Ice that you can enjoy with friends all summer long!

berry punch

Raspberry & Lemon Moscato Punch:

This party punch is perfect for sipping poolside with friends! First, add your favorite Moscato, Cascade Ice Black Raspberry, and vodka to taste into a pitcher. Any kind of Moscato will work, but we’ve found the less sweet the better! Next, squeeze a cup of lemon juice, a few thin slices of lemons and half a cup of raspberries into the mixture. Pour and enjoy!


Strawberry Mango Cooler:

Simply fill a glass with ice halfway full of Cascade Ice Orange Mango, then add ¼ cup of mango slices and a tablespoon of honey. Mix together, letting the mango and honey flavors perfectly blend. Next, add in thin slices of strawberry to introduce a fresh berry flavor. Garnish with mint to give it a little something extra!