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Camp Cascade Ice

by Cascade Ice on June 16, 2016

Summer has officially arrived! Time for long days, warm nights, and endless fun! We’re sure you can’t wait to dive into summer, but if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Camp Cascade Ice!

Snack Bar


S’mores are everyone’s favorite campfire treat, but why limit yourself to the delicious chocolaty, gooey, yummy-ness of s’mores for the evening? We love to whip up some S’mores Snack Mix and take it with us wherever we can! All you’ll need: Golden Graham cereal, mini pretzels, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Mix the cereal, pretzels, and marshmallows, melt a portion of the chocolate chips, drizzle over mixture, and wait for the chocolate to set. Bon appétit!

Watering Hole


What’s more refreshing on a hot day than a tall glass Peach Mango Lemonade? To make fresh, ultra-hydrating Peach Mango Lemonade, you’ll need: Peach Mango Cascade Ice, 1 large mango, 2 lemons (juiced), and 1 ½ cups of water. Peel and puree the mango. Add puree, lemon juice, water, and Cascade Ice Peach Mango to a pitcher and stir well. Serve chilled!

Campfire Games


There’s something magical about sitting around a roaring fire at the end of a long day. It’s even better when you’re surrounded by family and friends. Our favorite is “Add to the Story” where one person starts a fictional tale, then passes the reigns to the next person, then so on and so forth. No matter what, your family is guaranteed some laughter and a whole lot of memories to share.

Mocktails for Your Next Summer Bash!

by Cascade Ice on June 2, 2016

Summer is just beginning and it seems like there’s always a party going on, somewhere! If you’re getting ready to host a celebration of your own, why not try one of these delicious mocktails made with Cascade Ice to serve your guests? People of all ages will love these flavorful combinations, and the best part? They won’t break the bank to make! 

Mango Mock Mule

A delicious twist on the copper cup sensation, filled with ginger-mango goodness!

 recipe-moscow-mule (1)


4-5 slices of Cucumber

1 oz Agave Syrup

2 oz Mango puree

2 oz Fresh lime juice

2 oz Ginger Beer

1.5 oz Cascade Ice Peach Mango


Method: Muddle cucumber and agave syrup in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the mango puree and lime juice and shake, covered, with ice vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into a tall glass of fresh ice. Top with ginger beer and Peach Mango and stir to incorporate. 


Mint Julep

A fizzy delight that packs both the flavor and refreshing zest of lemon and mint, mixed in this harmonious fashion!


6 mint leaves, rinsed

1 ½ c. Sugar

2 c. cold water

¾ c. Lemon juice

4 c. Organic Cascade Ice Lemon Lime

2 c. Ginger Ale


Method: Place sugar, water and lemon juice in large bowl. Mix until sugar dissolves and add mint leaves. Let sit for 1 hour. Fill a large pitcher with ice and pour sugar, lemon juice mixture over ice. You can discard the mint leaves at this time.  We left them in because we wanted a stronger mint flavor. Add Organic Lemon Lime sparkling water and ginger ale. Serve and enjoy!

If you try our recipes, feel free to let us know what you thought or post a picture of it to our Facebook page! Make sure to visit CascadeIceWater.com to view our entire flavor lineup and to find state availability. Cascade Ice has opportunities to win free samples on FacebookTwitter and Instagram - so make sure to follow us on social media!

Battle of the Berries

by Cascade Ice on May 19, 2016


Big news, Cascade Ice fans! We’re having a contest to see which berry-flavored beverage you love best! Each day, a new pair of contestants will go head-to-head, but only one beloved berry will come out on top. Voting rounds will repeat each day until the final showdown where the most popular berry flavor will be crowned champion!

Competing in this year’s Battle of the Berries smack down: 

·         Cranberry Pomegranate
A stern contender among the group, packing a powerful 1-2 punch of flavor
with tart cranberry and sweet, sweet pomegranate.
·         Strawberry Orange Mango
A true triple threat, don’t discount the electrifying flavors of super-strawberry,
out-of-this-world orange, and marvelous-mango.
·         Raspberry Lemonade
This summertime classic is not to be messed with.
Definitely a crowd favorite, but will it stand up to the fierce competition?
·         Strawberry Banana 
       Not many flavors work better than the enticing sweetness of
strawberry and the rich deliciousness of banana. Watch you backs, contestants!
·         Pomegranate Berry
What better to boost pomegranate’s power than the juicy flavors of
earth’s candy: berries! A tempting treat, and our dark horse pick of the pack.
·         Strawberry Guava
Intensely tropical and irresistibly sweet, this strawberry/guava
team promises to put up an all-or-nothing fight for flavor.
·         Blueberry Watermelon
The David and Goliath of this competition, but this time, they’re fighting together!
With mighty flavor comes mighty responsibility.
·         Strawberry Lemonade
Our final contender reminds us of simpler times, picking fruit and sipping lemonade,
but this underrated berry hopeful is pulling no punches… if you can even see them coming.
To cast your vote, simply like our Facebook page and visit the link here. Each day 3 lucky fans will receive a FREE case of Cascade Ice in their favorite berry flavor and one very lucky Grand Prize winner will receive 2 FREE cases plus a $150 gift card! Wow! 
We know you’re just as excited about this as we are, so we hope you share your Battle of the Berries votes with your friends on Facebook! From all of us here at Cascade Ice, we wish you good luck & game on!

Ditch the Water Bottle! Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated this Summer

by Cascade Ice on May 5, 2016

When we hear the word summer, we’re quick to associate it with some of our favorite things: diving into pools, the smell of a freshly-made mimosa, and the sound of crickets on warm evenings. On that same note, we can’t help but also associate the word ‘summer’ with things like mosquito bites and practically hopping into freezers while grocery shopping to escape the heat. Here are some of our favorite and tasty methods of hydration that keep us happy and healthy.
Fruity Ice Cubes
Yes, that’s right: fruity ice cubes. The recipe we found suggested adding them to regular water, but we think they pair even better with Cascade Ice Sparkling Water.
Pink Cubes: Juiced watermelon, muddled raspberries, a touch of mint and Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon
Clear Cubes: Small basil sprouts, 1 lemon juiced and Cascade Ice Strawberry Lemonade
Purple Cubes: Softened blueberries (we soaked them in water for 3 hours) pomegranate seeds, kiwi, and Cascade Ice Coconut
Coconut Water
Studies have shown that compared to regular water and sports beverages, coconut water is just as comparable in terms of hydration, but with significantly fewer side-effects while running around in the heat of the day. We like to mix in our flavored waters for taste! Our favorites to add include:
·         Cascade Ice Strawberry Banana
·         Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit
·         Cascade Ice Coconut Pineapple
Super-Food Smoothies

Fruits like watermelon, strawberries, peaches, and cantaloupe & vegetables like cucumber, celery, and zucchini contain extremely high amounts of water – which is where most of the nutrients are stored. To reap the benefits of these water-rich foods, keep them raw and blend them into smoothies with Cascade Ice Lemonade for a refreshing beverage to beat the heat!

If you try our recipes, feel free to let us know what you thought or post a picture of it to our Facebook page! Make sure to visit CascadeIceWater.com to view our entire flavor lineup and to find state availability. Cascade Ice has opportunities to win free samples on FacebookTwitter and Instagram - so make sure to follow us on social media!