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Oscars-Inspired Low Cal Cocktails

by Cascade Ice on February 19, 2015

Watching the Oscars isn’t the same without a glam cocktail named after your favorite nominees! As you make plans to watch the glamorous award show this weekend, consider mixing up these fun recipes. Mixing your drinks with Cascade Ice is a great way to cut back on calories, without sacrificing flavor!




Start the star-studded night out with a refreshing Grand Budapest Spritzer. Pour 3oz of chilled Champagne into your glass and add 2oz of Cascade Ice’s Zero Calorie McIntosh Apple. Garnish the glass with some apple slices for added glamour.




Turn on your tastebuds for the Whiplash-tini! Start by mixing 3oz of Cascade Ice Zero Calorie Huckleberry Blackberry, 1.5oz of gin, a dash of orange liqueur and some crushed ice in your mixer. Pour the cocktail in your glass and garnish with some fresh berries for a fruity kick!

February “Mocktails” to Satisfy Everyone!

by Cascade Ice on February 12, 2015

Sometimes a “mocktail” sounds better than a cocktail. We’ve made some delicious and guilt-free recipes you can have at home!


Pink Grapefruit Punch

This drink is colorful and fun for everyone to drink! First, add 3oz of Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit, 2oz of pomegranate juice, a handful of ice cubes and some pomegranate seeds to top it off!


Strawberry Guava Surprise

This tasty concoction is the perfect mocktail after a long day. Add basil leaves to the bottom of your glass then add a handful of ice. Next, pour 1oz of fresh lemon juice and 4oz of Cascade Ice Strawberry Guava over ice. Finally, slice one strawberry and place it in your glass and stir. You won’t believe it’s a mocktail!

If you try our new mocktails make sure to let us know how they were or post a picture of the drink on our Facebook page!

Mix Low-Calorie Drinks for the Big Game!

by Cascade Ice on January 29, 2015

The big game is this weekend so add a little flair and pizazz to your party’s beverage options by including Cascade Ice! We’ve got two big game inspired skinny cocktail recipes we know you and your guests are going to love!



Electric Lemonade!

Inspired by the Seattle Seahawks, this cocktail is sure to delight and surprise partygoers. Pour 1 1/2oz of your favorite vodka and 1 1/2oz of blue curaçao over a handful of ice. Last but not least add 4oz of Cascade Ice Lemonade  then sit back, relax and enjoy!


Patriot Punch

Inspired by the New England Patriots, this berry packed cocktail is a great drink to add some sweetness to the party. Pour 2oz of your favorite gin over ice, 3oz of Cascade Ice Raspberry Lemonade and a handful of raspberries and blueberries. No matter what team you are rooting for this weekend, we can all enjoy some zero-calorie refreshment with Cascade Ice!


Sparkling Recipes for Your Weekend!

by Cascade Ice on January 22, 2015



Stick to your New Year’s resolutions this weekend with these healthy and low-cal recipes featuring our USDA Organic sparkling waters!


Sparkling Spiced Punch

Looking to make a punch that is sure to be the talk of the party? Try our Sparkling Spiced Punch! To try it, pour 3oz  of your favorite spiced rum, 1oz of lime juice, and 1oz of our Organic Citrus Twist Sparkling Water into a cup with crushed ice. For the final touch, add 1 dash of orange bitters then enjoy!


The Royal Stretch

This cocktail is a refreshing and healthy drink alternative for your weekend. Pour 1oz of your favorite whiskey over ice, 3oz of our Organic Mixed Berry Sparkling Water, and 1/2oz of cherry juice. Then garnish with a mint leaf and you’re ready to kick back!


Gin & Juice

Finally, check out our twist on Gin & Juice! To start, add 2oz of your favorite gin to a glass of cubed ice and pour in 1 1/2oz of grapefruit juice. Finally, pour 1oz of our Organic Grapefruit Sparkling Water to top it off. Stir the drink and enjoy your low-calorie cocktail!