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Infusing Cascade Ice into your Holidays!

by Cascade Ice on December 8, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This week we’re sharing holiday drink recipes that will become your go-to refreshment at your next holiday party.

Infused drinks are becoming more and more popular. It’s so simple – water and fruits. But what about replacing the water with a zero calorie AND organic mix of Cascade Ice Organic? Cascade Ice has 10 fruity mixtures in their Organic line that are all sugar and calorie free as well as USDA approved! The sparkling water will add a fun fizz to your infused water and, depending on which flavor you choose, will add delicious fruity flavors.

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Organic Citrus with a Twist

In your preferred beverage dispenser, add 2 sliced lemons, 1 sliced orange and a sliced lime. Fill the container halfway with Cascade Ice Organic Citrus Twist. Be sure to add enough room for ice! Leave your filled container at room temperature for 3-4 hours before adding ice. This will give your mixture time to fully infuse and provide a great flavor.

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Cascade Ice Christmas Punch

In a tall glass, add 3-4 cubes of ice and pour over 1.5 ounces of your favorite vodka. Next, add a splash of fruit punch and then top off the glass with Cascade Ice Wild Berry. Add a festive straw and stir!


Feel free to add more or less of an ingredient to get your desired taste and the most important part is to enjoy these healthy and refreshing beverages made with Cascade Ice!

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Cascade Ice’s Coconut Highball

by Cascade Ice on November 17, 2016

Hey Cascade Ice fans! Today we have a classic cocktail with a Cascade Ice twist. Introducing the Cascade Ice Coconut Highball!

The invention of the highball or “high priest of tall drinks”, was originally claimed by Patrick Gavin Duffy, bartender at Manhattan’s Ashland House and that was around 1890. We’re guessing the creators of this classic drink wish they had some Cascade Ice back then because it’s an awesome evening-sipper with a little bit of Coconut thrown into the mix!


First, start off with a tall and narrow glass.

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Next, we recommend adding a handful of ice and then pouring over 2 ounces of your preferred whiskey.

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Then, grab a cold bottle of Cascade Ice Coconut and pour until the fizz reaches the rim.

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With this drink, there’s no need to stir because the fizziness of Cascade Ice will mix it all for you! Pretty simple, right? So if you’re looking for your next evening cocktail look no further than Cascade Ice’s Coconut Highball, Cheers!

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National Sandwich Day with Cascade Ice!

by Cascade Ice on November 3, 2016

Hey Cascade Ice fans! Have you been craving the perfect lunch combination? The Flavorful Life is here to help!

Sandwiches are a staple lunch item and with a few tips, you’re on your way to creating a healthy and filling meal! Start with whole grain bread products like bread, a pita, an English muffin, or even a tortilla. Healthy protein choices include chicken, turkey, ham, lean roast beef, tuna, hummus, and low-fat cheeses. Don’t forget the vegetables! Tomatoes, fresh greens, red onion, and peppers are all good choices and add crucial nutrients and flavors to your sandwich. And remember when adding condiments – they don’t need to be high in fat to add that extra kick of flavor. There are some great low-fat choices like mustard, honey mustard, barbeque sauce and chipotle sauce.


So what’s the perfect drink for the perfect sandwich? Cascade Ice of course… Cascade Ice is the perfect pairing for your healthy lunch choices because it’s zero calorie and sugar free. Trust us, you won’t have any health regrets after enjoying Cascade Ice with your lunches!

Soda vs. Cascade Ice

by Cascade Ice on October 20, 2016

Hey Cascade Ice fans! So you think you know a thing or two about soda, right? Well, this week on the Flavorful Life we’re presenting a couple reasons why Cascade Ice is the perfect replacement for your soda cravings!

Many of our fans have done it… kicked out soda from their diet with Cascade Ice. We have over 20 different flavors to choose from with no caffeine, no sugar and no calories; so what’s not to love? Cascade Ice is the cool and refreshing sparkling water that anyone can love. Twist open the cap and you’re met with a fizzy burst of flavors! Need more convincing? Check out the image below!


Sodas are full of sugars and other things that your body doesn’t even need. So if you’re looking for a fizzy, flavorful and refreshing drink – why not give Cascade Ice a try? It has zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, zero fat… We think you get the idea.