What is Cascade Ice?

Cascade Ice Sparkling Water is an assortment of different kinds of carbonated flavored water.  We have five (5) different categories – Original, Original with Caffeine, USDA Organic, USDA Organic with Caffeine and Naturals.  Please visit each of their pages for more information on how they are different from one another and their specific ingredients and nutritional information.

Where can I purchase Cascade Ice?

Please visit our Where to Buy page and click on the appropriate state.  We try our hardest to keep this information up to date at all times, however, we may have a couple discrepancies.  If you have any specific questions about availability in your area please feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@cascadeicewater.com.

Can I buy directly from you or in bulk?

We do not offer online sales, however you can ask your local store to special order you in some by the case. 

Do you have Cascade Ice coupons?

We do not have manufacturer coupons; but our products are often on sale and we will from time to time run a specific coupon with a store. Please watch your local ads or follow our social media accounts for notifications. We often run contests and giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Is Cascade Ice Vegan?

Yes, all Cascade Ice is Vegan.

Is Cascade Ice Gluten Free?

Yes, all Cascade Ice is Gluten Free.

Are your Cascade Ice Items Non-GMO?

Yes, all Cascade Ice is Non-GMO.

Do any of your products contain sweeteners?

Original and Original with Caffeine contain sucralose. USDA Organic, USDA Organic with Caffeine and Naturals HAVE NO Sweeteners in them.

Are your bottles BPA Free?

Yes, so are the caps.

Are your bottles recyclable?

Yes, our PETE bottles are #1’s. The caps are #5’s and depending upon your area, they may be recyclable. 

How do you read the codes?

We use the Julian calendar based on production date.  Towards the neck of the bottle there is a code, an example of that code: (letters)20001 – 23 (year), 001 (day of year), this product was produced on January 1, 2023.  Bottles have an approximant shelf life of 9 months.

Have another question not answered here?

Please send your question to contact@unique-beverage.com.